Friday, February 21, 2014

Delicious Funfetti Dunk-a-Roo Dip!

When I was growing up, my favorite part of getting a lunch packed for me to bring to school on days that I didn't want "hot lunch" was finding an occasional pack of Dunk-a-Roos inside. Who else remembers these? They were amazing!

I found a recipe for a dip that tastes just like my old favorite treats. It's super easy to make and was a huge hit when I brought it to a get-together.

You will need:
1 box of Funfetti cake mix
2 cups of Cool Whip (I used the "light" version)
2 cups of vanilla yogurt
a box of Teddy Grahams

Combine the cake mix, Cool Whip, and yogurt in a bowl and mix until smooth. Refrigerate the mixture for two hours and serve with Teddy Grahams.

You can add some colored sprinkles to the dip to add a little more color. Also, if you want to try some other things for dipping, I recommend animal crackers, graham cracker sticks, or vanilla wafers.

Enjoy :)