Tuesday, October 21, 2014

MDP Mission Trip to Chiapas, Mexico--Post #4

For our third day of clinic, we headed to San Antonio Buena Vista. This was 40 minutes away from where we are staying and involved a very bumpy ride up the mountain. We arrived a little early and got set up. Again, there was a pharmacy station, a nurse’s station, three provider areas and a privacy area for exams. I think we were all thankful for the cooler air that came with the increased elevation, and the huge bright space that was provided in the village’s community center.

The team took some time before patients arrived to explore the village a little bit, climbing further up the mountain and taking some amazing pictures. It’s so hard to capture the beauty of the landscape here, as pictures definitely don’t do it justice.

Clinic went well and we were able to see 73 patients from 7 different villages. A lot of the people that came were Mayan and had their own dialect, which required a second interpreter. This took a longer for each provider visit, so 8 patients had to be turned away. Because it was raining, it was important that we got out on the gravel mountain roads before it got too late in the day, We also had three more days of clinic that they could come back to. Again, there was so much gratitude here that it was humbling. Padre Miguel was around for this clinic today and it was great to see him interact with the community members. He has done some amazing things here, and you can truly see his compassion for living to serve through God.

As with every day we have here, we had a little fun, too. Dr. Don and Bridget were teamed up today as provider and interpreter. Both of them being alumni for St. Olaf College, they decided taught a woman in the community how to sing the fight song for the school: “Umm Yeah Yeah” J In pharmacy, Kyle continued to come up with new signs in his town time to give everyone on the team a chuckle as they came by.

True to form, we had a game night that was organized by Grandma Sara complete with a theme and prizes. We had a great time!

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