Sunday, October 19, 2014

MDP Mission Trip to Chiapas, Mexico--Post #3

We went back to Playa Azul for our second day of clinic. Set-up was much quicker and again, there were patients waiting to be seen by us when we arrived.
The privacy area for exams

I was still astonished at how patient everybody is while waiting to be seen, and how well behaved children are. It seems like a community effort to raise children, as other mothers are very willing to watch and hold children while their parents are being seen. The kids hardly ever whine or fuss and sit patiently without needing a lot of entertainment. They can be entertained by the simplest of things and are so grateful for EVERYTHING! 

We were able to see 82 patients and were done by 4:30. The community members were so grateful that we came to serve them. The clinic organizers thanked us numerous times, said that we have done wonderful things for their community, and said they wished they could repay us. They asked also that we not forget them, and I know we won’t. The MDP group is already planning a return trip in February to serve this community.

The group loaded into the van with gifts given to us by community members, including oranges, bananas and papayas—yum!

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