Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pin-Worthy Closet Organization Tips

A couple of months ago I walked into my closet and realized how much of a disaster it was! I am so organized in (almost) all other aspects of my life that I was shocked at the mess I had going in there. 

I first sorted through my scarves. I picked up a pack of heavy duty hangers from Target as well as a couple of packs of clear plastic shower curtain rings (they are super cheap!) By attaching each shower curtain ring to the heavy duty hanger, you can keep your scarves easily visible and organized. 

Next step was to get my boots in order. With a couple of pool noodles cut at various lengths, my boots now stay upright without creasing like they did before. This also makes my closet seem less chaotic. Hint--it's a lot easier to use a knife to cut the pool noodles rather than a scissors. If you live in Minnesota like I do and don't have access to pool noodles all year round, you can roll up magazines for the time being and stick them in the boots or look into buying pool noodles online! 

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